Everyone loves BBQ. It is unique and provides people with a food culture that is all about the meat, praising the Lard, honoring tradition and bringing fun, family and friends to every meal. BBQ is personal, and everybody has their favorites—from baby backs to brisket to tea as sweet as the South’s—and we provide just that. Because our focus is on making our BBQ authentic, we are able to produce meat that falls off the rack, with moist, melt-in-your-mouth textures and bold, impressive flavors that you just can’t get anywhere else on the Northern Frontier. And that’s the kind of quality you will get, every time you order from a Turnagain Arm BBQ Pit.

Because we believe that authentic BBQ is so much more than a style of food, it’s a culture, our customers come for the experience, the family-style home cookin’ and the friendly pitmasters. They stay for the food—the mouth-waterin’, smoky, powerful and wonderful BBQ flavors that fill your senses with every perfectly-smoked bite. They come back for our consistent quality, our reasonable prices, our friendly service and our fantastic local beer and wine.

We pride ourselves on serving only the best, low-n-slow BBQ which is the only authentic Southern BBQ in Anchorage. With Scootr and AJ as our regular pitmasters, they know that you’re in the house and they treat you right. Molly – a former hog princess – works the front with our wonderful wait staff. And our owner, head pitmaster, and king of catering Jack sets the tone by demanding only the highest quality.

By using Alaskan alder and never using liquid smoke, you get the entire Southern experience with your choice of pulled pork, chopped brisket, whole chickens, baby back ribs, St. Louis ribs, traditional sides, sweet teas, Southern desserts, and perfectly chosen beer and wine.

Stop by and see why we have been voted the Best BBQ in Anchorage for 4 years and running!