wg5Fall is filled with many lovely things here in Anchorage. From the trees changing colors to the tops of the mountains beginning to be dusted with snow, we at TurnAgain Arm PiT truly love this season. Our favorite part? Autumn weddings! There is something especially magical about weddings in Alaska. Something about the combined effect of the scenery and a pure expression of love makes for an experience unlike any other.

If you are getting married in the Anchorage area in the next couple of months and you haven’t yet found a caterer, we can help! Not only are we capable of catering with far less prep time than other catering companies, but we also provide the very best savory southern barbecue you and your guests will have ever tasted.

When you decide you would like for TurnAgain to cater your upcoming wedding, it’s a fairly simple process. We offer four different packages that include:

  • One Meat Package:Choice of One Meat, Two Sides, Buns and BBQ Sauce
  • Two Meats Package: Choice of Two Meats, Two Sides, Buns and BBQ Sauce
  • Three Meats Package: Choice of Three Meats, Two Sides, Buns and BBQ Sauce
  • Whole Hog Package: One Hog, Two Sides, Buns and BBQ Sauce

When you choose which package you would like, you can customize your meal so that you get precisely what you want. Our catering service includes set up, service and food clean up. You can have the most delicious wedding meal you could possibly imagine when you hire us today! We look forward to being part of the most special day of your life!