With Christmas right around the corner you are undoubtedly running around town trying to get everything you will need to entertain family and friends when they come to your home for the holidays. When you have to prepare so much for one day of the year, you may forget that in the meantime you have to continue to eat, drink and (of course) be merry! However, with so much on your plate, you may not be able to find the time to cook for yourself as the days leading up to your holiday feast become fewer and fewer. That’s where we come in.11

When you come into Turn Again Arm BBQ PiT this holiday season you will not only be able to sit back and relax for the first time all month, but you won’t have to lift a finger in order to eat a delicious meal. We have a number of meals that will make your mouth water and will also have you coming back for more as often as you can. Choose from decadent Baby Back Ribs, juicy Pulled Pork, and more when you stop into the PiT. Everything on our menu holds smoky southern flavours that will make you unable to eat barbecue anywhere else in Anchorage, or Alaska for that matter.

Have relatives coming into town for the holidays? Bring them to the PiT and prove to them that good, southern barbecue isn’t something you can only find in the South. Introduce them to our famous Boar Tide Sandwich that holds ⅓ pound of pulled pork and a bacon plank for their utmost indulgence.

Overall, our restaurant is the best place to stay warm, cozy and relaxed while also getting an incredible meal(your house excluded, obviously). Come in and see us today and experience barbecue like you never have before at Turn Again Arm BBQ PiT in Anchorage.