Food can make or break an event. How many times have you been to a wedding where the dinner was less than impressive? Chances are, it’s been a few. With Turn Again Arm BBQ Pit however, you wont have to worry one bit that the food will be fresh, warm and delicious when it is served to your guests. Not only that but there is something so comforting about serving genuine southern barbecue that makes everyone feel a little closer to home and to one another.  

We put the same dedication and commitment into our catering meals as we do in the meals we serve at our restaurant. If you’ve been into the PiT before then you know exactly what we mean.

We have several catering packages that you can choose from based on things like number of guests and the amount of variety you would like for there to be.
Our one meat package is pretty self explanatory. You get your choice of meat (chopped brisket, baby back ribs, sliced beef brisket, St. Louis ribs, BBQ chicken thigh, hot link or pulled pork. You also get your choice of two delicious southern sides(the options are endless), buns for your meat and a whole lot of BBQ sauce. YUM.

Our Two Meat and Three Meat packages include the same sides only you will be able to choose additional entrees for your guests.

Do yourself and your wedding guests a favor and hire Turn Again Arm BBQ Pit to cater your special day! You will be more than happy you did as will your guests. Plus. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some leftover barbecue.