We may be located in Alaska but you will never feel more like you are in the South than when you are at Turn Again Arm BBQ Pit. Imagine sitting in the backyard, it’s dusk and the heat of the day is slowly fading as the sun dips behind the horizon. The cool summer breeze begins to blow, rustling the trees, pushing the metal limbs of the wind chimes together and you can smell the faintest scent of home smoked BBQ getting stronger and stronger. You are home.
At Turn Again Arm BBQ Pit we strive to create this feeling in you every time you take a bite of our authentic southern cuisine. We think finding something familiar in a place full of new sights and experiences can comfort even the most enthusiastic of travelers. Our Texas style barbecue has everything that good southern meals should: taste, tenderness, texture and that all too good smokiness. Whether you are craving brisket, pulled pork, or ribs we can guarantee that every meal offered in our restaurant is sure to have your mouth watering when one of our servers sets your plate in front of you. We also have home style southern side dishes such as corn bread, potato salad, collard greens and mac and cheese. In other words: there’s something for everyone.

If you are going to be stopping through Anchorage or perhaps staying for an extended visit, come visit us at Turn Again Arm BBQ Pit for the best barbecue you’ve ever tasted! We are fans of our food and we know you will be too.

In a hurry? Try our roadside location in Indian, AK for the same decadent BBQ but on the go!