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Turnagain Arm Pit Authentic Southern BBQ Specializing in Wedding Catering

Does the thought of serving your wedding guests run-of-the-mill, lackluster plated options – like dried out chicken stuffed with that mushy green substance that might have, at one point, been a vegetable, and rubbery, flavorless steak – turn your stomach? Ours too. Maybe it’s because we’ve been honing our BBQ skills for so long that we’ve become a little spoiled, but we just can’t bear the thought of couples capping off one of the most important days of their lives with a mediocre meal lacking personality.
If you want frou frou dishes and tiny portions, you’re barking up the wrong tree. But if you want to treat your wedding guests to a memorable, flavor-filled meal that will fill their bellies without blowing your budget, we can help. In fact, that’s our specialty.

At Turnagain Arm Pit, we are obsessed with quality ingredients and unbeatable flavors. Southern BBQ is more than a menu offering, it’s our passion. Authentic BBQ takes dedication, commitment, patience, and serious elbow grease – sort of like a marriage. It’s no surprise that our BBQ is such a popular choice for wedding catering. From curating the highest quality inventory of fresh, local ingredients to perfecting our secret 17-ingredient spice rub, our BBQ is a true labor of love.

We’d love to help you craft a custom catered menu you’ll daydream about, and get to work preparing, curing and smoking the very best cuts of your favorite meats guaranteed to impress your guests on your special day. We’ll put pour our skill, talent and BBQ passion into creating a meal that will exceed your expectations.

We’re sure you’ll love our hand-prepped, low-and-slow cooked proteins, we also offer tasty vegan, tofu and kid-friendly menu options to accommodate any palate. Whether the feel of your event is highbrow or low country, our Southern BBQ is sure to be a highlight of your wedding celebration.